The 7 Oaks of St. Joseph: Rooted to Rise

Join us for the TJC Season 3 finale to be inspired by NCAA Hall of Fame Basketball Coach (Oklahoma Sooners) and Nationally-known author and speaker, Sherri Coale.

Sherri Coale

Coach Coale is a master motivator, an engaging speaker, a gifted writer and a keen observer of everyday life. As a collegiate basketball coach, she had the opportunity to stand on the grandest platforms–Final Four courts, Olympic medal podiums, the Hall of Fame stage. Outside the lines she is a wife, a mother and most recently a GG. Sharing what she continues to learn from her very full world is the privilege of her life.

We become who we are in part because of who we bump into on our journeys. Some encounters knock us off our feet, leave us dizzy, and make the world look different in an instant. Others are just shoulder brushes, intersections we barely even notice at the time. But the human confluence changes our shape.
In The Joseph Company Season 3 finale, Rooted to Rise, Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale will be on hand to share the indelible truths she’s learned from the people she’s crossed paths with in her life. From Coale’s small-town roots to her award-winning courtside career, her life has been littered with remarkable connections. Each connection, small or large, is a vital part of Coale’s journey.
As a coach, as a mother, as a daughter, and as a friend, she shares insight from those responsible for teaching her, as well as those she has been responsible for teaching. Coale invites you to learn from the wisdom she’s gained from paying close attention to the extraordinary, the ordinary, and all that’s in between.


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May 03 2024


Breakfast served at 7:30 AM, program starts at 7:45 AM
7:30 am - 9:00 am


MYC Conference Center | Word of Life Church
3902 NE Riverside Road, St. Joseph, MO 64505