The Seven Grand Oaks Series Overview

Season 1: The Life-Cycle of the Dream

In Season 1, we conducted our first round of breakfasts centered on the “Life-Cycle of the Dream.” This 7-part presentation likened the life-cycle of an oak tree to the life-cycle that our dreams go through as we pursue them. Both start like a seed and go through a growth process from Survival to Stability to Success to Significance. The series aimed to unite leaders across sectors to build relationships and envision a better future for our community.

Season 2: The Seven Grand Oaks of the Community

In Season 2, we hosted 9 leadership breakfasts centered on “The Seven Grand Oaks of the Community.” We made the case that all seven “Grand Oaks” (sectors) of our community need to reach a place of significance if we are to thrive. We dedicated one breakfast each of the following sectors: Arts, Athletics, Business, Education, Healthcare, Government, and Nonprofit. The objective was to continue building relationships while learning about the “Restorative Purpose” of each. It was designed to help each of us value the other’s unique role in creating a thriving community culture.

Season 3: The Seven Oaks of St. Joseph

In Season 3 of The Joseph Company’s breakfast series, it’s all about “The Seven Oaks of St. Joseph.” This year will center on the specific vision for our community. As we revisit each of the Seven Grand Oaks, you will:

  1.  hear a compelling dream/vision cast for each sector of our community, presented by your community leaders
  2. understand the current state of each sector in our community, and the plan to level up in pursuit of the dream/vision
  3. be inspired to get involved and be given practical ways to do so

Please consider joining us at each of these events. Don’t just show up for the one breakfast that applies to you and YOUR sector. We want all sectors to value and support each other so that we might become a better TEAM. After all, Together Everyone Achieves More.