ALL IN on the 3D Journey

TJC Breakfast Series | Season IV | 2024-25

Check out this clip form the Season III finale where Wes Simmons shared the vision and some of the upcoming changes for TJC Season IV.

Join us on the 3D Journey

Schedule of Events

September 10th, 2024
Title: The “It” Factor
Topics: Introduction to 3D & The Journey Ahead

October 1st, 2024
Title: Driving for Greatness
Topics: The Fundamentals and Motivation

November 12th, 2024
Title: Poise Under Pressure
Topics: Confidence & Emotions

December 10th, 2024
Title: One Team, One Mission
Topics: Team Cohesion & Goal Setting

January 14th, 2025
Title: The Pursuit of Excellence
Topics: Culture & Character

February 11th, 2025
Title: From Scared to Sacred
Topics: Identity & Self-Worth

March 11th, 2025
Title: Two Ways to the Top
Topics: Value & Significance

April 15th, 2025
Title: Extending Echoes
Topics: Legacy & Wisdom

May 13th, 2025
Title: ALL IN on Your Foundational Purpose
Topics: Accountability & The Journey Ahead

Your Guides for the 3D Journey

Fleceia Comeaux

3D Institute National Presenter, Team Chaplain for Houston Dash and US Women’s National Soccer Team, Coordinator of WNBA Chaplains

Wes Simmons

President/CEO of the 3D Institute

About the 3D Framework

Wes Simmons, President/CEO of the 3D Institute, shares the original definition of a coach and how it applies in our various leadership roles.

What is the 3D Journey?

Mark Hull, International Director of the 3D Institute, shares an overview of the 3D framework along with an invitation to take the 3D Journey.

Benefits to You and Your Organization

Along with the community-wide impact this initiative will have, there will be many benefits to you personally and/or your organization collectively. Through this process you will discover timeless principles and learn practical strategies for:

  • clarifying your purpose, at work and in life
  • intrinsically motivating yourself and others from within
  • understanding how to gain confidence when it’s lacking
  • creating a healthy emotional climate in your circles
  • intentionally building team cohesion with others
  • cultivating the type of character that drives success
  • enhancing decision-making processes with the 3D Framework
  • developing a common language that sparks creativity

Dr. Marc Bauer (EdD) conducted research on the impact of the 3D Coaching training. Using the MindVue Profile as a measurement tool, the study revealed that the 3D training made a positive impact on participants in the following 12 areas:


Possessing the ability to acclimate to the changing environment


Being organized, careful, and dependable in the completion of your work


Having the passion and perseverance to achieve your long-term goals

Growth Mindset

Holding the belief that your potential can be cultivated through effort


Possessing the ability to navigate around obstacles while in pursuit of your goals


Having a moral compass, being honest, and acting with a sense of ethics

Intrinsic Motivation*

Having and pursuing self-generated and very meaningful goals and a strong sense of purpose


Having the ability to bounce back from setbacks and emerge from adversity stronger than before


Possessing an accurate understanding of your strengths and overall sense of identity


Maintaining the ability to control your impulses and delay gratification for a larger reward in the future


Possessing the willingness and ability to do work most others simply are not willing to do


Believing in your ability to accomplish goals

*indicates that the 3D training made a statistically significant impact in this area

Who is the 3D Institute?

The 3D Institute was established in 2014 to come alongside sport administrators in a quest to help meet the growing professional development needs of the international coaching community. Historically, 3DI has trained sport leaders from over 60 countries to lead according to the 3D Framework. The 3D Framework empowers leaders to maximize the performance of their teams and leave a powerful legacy of impact in the lives of those they lead. Through this project, in partnership with The Joseph Company, 3DI has contextualized the 3D Framework to be made applicable for the education industry and the business community as well.

What is The Joseph Company?

The Joseph Company is a gathering of leaders from our community who are taking the 3D Journey together. To help fund this initiative, The Joseph Company is also a “Field of Interest Fund” set up at the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri. This fund has been resourced by grant funding and generous community members who want to make this training available at no cost to any individual or organization in Buchanan County, MO who desires to participate.

How much does this cost?

Thanks to generous supporters from our community, there is no financial cost to individuals or organizations who sign up before 12/31/24. The cost is your time and thoughtful attention to how this training can be applied to make a positive impact on our community.

How much time does this take?

While the Journey is not particularly time-intensive, it does require intentional, uninterrupted reflective time to be effective. We estimate the videos will take about 30 minutes per month and the monthly Team meeting will take be 90 minutes on the schedule outlined above. Additionally, each participant will be encouraged to reflect and write their thoughts using the Companion Guide.

What topics will this training cover?

The content is all based on the 3D Framework which includes topics like motivation, confidence, emotions, team cohesion, goal setting, character, identity, significance, value, self-worth and purpose.

Can I participate as an individual?

Yes. Contact us and we’ll set you up an account so you can get started right away.