Why 3D Coaching?

The Joseph Company is a team of community leaders from various fields, including Arts, Athletics, Business, Education, Healthcare, Local Government, and Non-Profit. We come together to envision a brighter future and grow our leadership skills, aiming to be better “coaches” in our respective roles.


Regardless of whether someone is leading a business, a nonprofit, a classroom, an athletic team – or even a family – there is an undeniable coaching element to the job. This initiative is to help leaders become more effective at coaching others to be their best.

The original definition of a coach was: A covered carriage that takes a person of importance from where they are to where they want or need to go. By this definition, all leaders in our community who are responsible for leading and protecting others fit the description. We are uniting these leaders for the purpose of transforming the culture of our community through the tangible means of training.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.”

– Archilochus


In 2020, a group of business leaders in St. Joseph, MO began dreaming about what could happen if the 3D Coaching framework was implemented into our community as a whole. What began as a dream quickly became a plan to impact the culture of our community by implementing the 3D training in organizations across the community.
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The Plan

What is the 3D Coaching Framework?

3D is a framework for coaching, built on a foundation of purpose. A coach’s clearly defined PURPOSE acts as the foundation for the 3D framework. Once the “why” is firmly established, the 3D framework helps leaders be more intentional about meeting the developmental needs of their teammates in all three dimensions:

  • The 1st Dimension: the skillset required to perform our various tasks with excellence
  • The 2nd Dimension: the mindset it takes to be a great teammate; both to ourselves and to each other
  • The 3rd Dimension: the character it takes to leave a legacy of positive impact in the lives of others and in the community
To NEGLECT any aspect of our being is by very definition to NOT be the best we can be.