Team Captain Resources

Check out this Webinar where Wes Simmons gives Team Captains an overview of the Season IV breakfast series and shares tips, resources, and strategies to help you recruit your team.

Team Captains and Teams

Click here to see a Google Doc with all of our current list of Team Captains and Team Rosters.

Marketing Resources

Link for TJC Season IV info and sign up form:

Helpful Links

Copy and paste these links into your social media posts or email invites.

All about 3D Coaching for Business:

All about 3D Coaching for Education:

All about 3D Coaching for Sport:

The Joseph Company facebook page:

Videos to Share

These video links can be copied and pasted into emails or social media posts to help you educate people about 3D and recruit them to your team.

Generic 3D Coaching Promos

3D Coaching for the Arts

  • An Art Community – St. Joseph, MO: A story about how leaders from the arts community took the 3D Journey together and the impact that it had. |

3D Coaching for Business

  • 3D Business Promo: Clips from a TJC community breakfast where the 3D framework is presented as contextualized for business leaders. |

3D Coaching for Education

  • Summit Academy: A story about how one of the worst alternatives schools in the state of Illinois was transformed into one of the top five in the nation after embedding the 3D framework into their culture. |
  • Generational Impact: SJSD Administrator Alex Tomes shares a story about the impact of 3D Educators in his life. |

3D Coaching for Sport

  • 3D Spotlight – Coach Brad Hankins: A story about the impact 3D Coaching training had on local SJSD coach, Brad Hankins. |
  • Community Impact: A story about how a high school football coach in Altus, OK implemented 3D, won a state championship, and transformed the culture of an entire town in the process. |
  • 3D Sport Promo: An overview of how the 3D framework applies to leaders in sport. |

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