In recent years, St. Joseph has faced many challenges resulting in low morale, lack of confidence, division, and a loss of residents. To help address this, an initiative called The 3D Journey has been launched to unite leaders from all sectors of the community in an intentional effort to create positive change and drive toward a brighter future… together.

The Joseph Company was created to help positively impact
our community’s culture through world-class training.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we
fall to the level of our training.”

One of the first strategies was to partner with the 3D Institute in providing FREE ACCESS to an internationally-acclaimed training called 3D Coaching for Business Leaders. The cost has been covered for all individuals and/or organizational leaders who live or work in Buchanan County.

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This training helps people with the coaching aspect of their various leadership roles. Whether you are leading others at work, or your family at home, the 3D framework delivers the best coaching practices from the world of sports and contextualizes them for implementation in any environment. This training has been proven to help people attain new levels of grit, confidence, motivation, hope, resilience and integrity… just to name a few.

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