Session 8: Amplifying Echoes

Topics: Wisdom & Legacy
Audience: Community Leaders

Overview: Join us for a thought-provoking session with 3DI guides Fleceia Comeaux and Wes Simmons in “Amplifying Echoes,” where we will explore the profound value of wisdom. Learn how to receive wisdom, live it, and pass it on, becoming agents who amplify the echoes of the past into our present reality while passing it on to the next generation. We will also examine the concept of legacy, examining what we are leaving behind to make our community and world a better place. This session will inspire you to reflect on your impact and the lasting contributions you can make.


Apr 15 2025


7:30 am - 9:00 am


MYC Conference Center | Word of Life Church
3902 NE Riverside Road, St. Joseph, MO 64505