Our Story

Our story began in 2011 when Dr. Jeff Duke first introduced the 3D Coaching framework to our community at the emPowerU facility in downtown St. Joseph. To help tell the story that led us to where we are today, start at the bottom of this page to follow the sequence of events that transpired since that initial visit. Also, check back often to watch the story as it continues to unfold!

November 2021

The journey continues.

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Hall of fame football coach Mel Tjeerdsma shares wisdom and insight about how they successfully transformed a culture of mediocrity and losing into one marked by excellence and winning.

October 2021

October kicked off with the 2nd leadership breakfast for community leaders hosted by The Joseph Company. The topics addressed how to change culture using “The Formula for Change.”

October also marked the 2nd month of 3DI training for SJSD coaches and administrators. Along with the regularly scheduled online training modules, small group discussions, and large group presentations, 3DI also conducted a special training session for St. Joseph School District Athletic Directors at Room 108 in downtown St. Joseph.

September 2021

September was a busy month. On 9/3/21, The Joseph Company hosted its first of seven leadership breakfasts to begin taking the 3D training into the wider community. Over 100 area leaders joined us at our inaugural breakfast.

For the school district, 3DI conducted 9 different training touchpoints with the SJSD administrators, coaches, and school board members. Along with online training, coaches were afforded the opportunity to gather in small groups to process the content. Nationally-known TedTalk presenter Gian Paul Gonzalez was in town to present a “3D” version of his infamous talk: “All In.” Finally, 3D trainer Scott Bloomquist was in town to conduct the first installment of the 3D Coaching for Administrators training.

Check out the “3D Rewind” to catch the highlights from this month’s training initiatives with SJSD staff.

Check out this video to see the complete presentation that took place to kickoff the training plan with SJSD coaches, administrators, and school board members.

August 2021

On August 10th, 3DI kicked off the training plan with SJSD coaches, administrators, and school board members. After a welcome from SJSD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Gabe Edgar, former NCAA Division I wrestling coach Heath Eslinger warmed up the crowd as the event’s emcee. 3DI President/CEO Wes Simmons then delivered a keynote presentation called The “It” Factor to introduce the 3D framework. Following the keynote, Heath explained the training plan that is in place for the 2021-2022 school year.

After the plan was revealed, Wes shared the wider community vision and facilitated a panel that was made up of Dr. Marlie Williams representing the school district, Scott Meierhoffer representing the business community, Pat Dillon representing the hospital system, and Bryan Carter representing the City of St. Joseph.

June-July 2021

It was now time to build out the team. 23 people were recruited and contracted to help execute the plan in a variety of different roles. The team got to work immediately to prepare for the “3D Kickoff” coaches breakfast that was scheduled for early August.

Meanwhile, more strategic meetings took place to continue seeking alignment with all of the stakeholders in the community. This picture of a meeting room at City Hall was taken just before the vision was cast to key members of the city leadership team.

May 2021

The training plan was finalized with the SJSD and the 3D Institute. A three-year agreement followed suit, and the SJSD leaders invited 3DI President Wes Simmons to share the vision at the May 2021 school board meeting.

  • Year 1 – Train Admins, Coaches, Board
  • Year 2 – Train Teaching Staff
  • Year 3 – Train Support Staff

March – April 2021

March and April consisted of much planning, vision casting, fundraising, and strategizing. Several businesses and individuals generously stepped up to help finance The Joseph Company fund. These funds are being strategically invested to help the plan succeed in our primary areas of focus:
  • Business
  • Education
  • Sports
Check out this video watch an overview of the training plan.

February 2021

The Joseph Company was born.

Community business leaders began to brainstorm about the best ways to support this plan. It was determined that one of the best ways to help it flourish in the wider community is to create an alignment with the business community as well. Toward that end, The Joseph Company was formed and a designated fund was created in the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri to provide financial support.

January 2021

After the SJSD leadership reviewed the “Imagine St. Joseph Sports – 2025” document, a decision was made to pursue a possible partnership with the 3D Institute. However, district leaders weren’t satisfied with training the coaches only. They expanded the vision and invited 3DI to use SJSD as a lab to contextualize the 3D framework to train the entire school district: Administrators, Teachers, Coaches and Support Staff.

3DI and SJSD immediately began to work on a plan to train all district employees over a 3-year period. Meanwhile, the news was reported to the business community leaders. They wasted no time in putting together a plan to support the district and community with this effort to transform the culture.

December 2020

The month of December was spent creating a blueprint for how we can possibly architect a new model for youth sports for the benefit of the entire northwest Missouri region.

Because of the alignment between this plan for youth sports and the Chamber of Commerce’s “Imagine St. Joseph 2040” project, the document was titled “Imagine St. Joseph Sports – 2025.”

The plan was presented to SJSD leaders, Chamber of Commerce leaders, and other key leaders in the city of St. Joseph.

November 2020

After gaining support from several area business leaders, Wes first presented a vision, and then issued an invitation to the SJSD administrators and board members.

The vision was to help transform our community by training coaches to become 3Dimensional in their approach while using sports as a vehicle to mentor our youth.

The opportunity was for the St. Joseph School District to become a “lab school” for the 3D Institute to fully implement its current offerings while providing an opportunity for 3DI to innovate new training and resources in a real-life setting.

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This slideshow was presented to SJSD leaders on 11/24/21.

1 - Coach T
3 - Grayson
5 - Francis
6 - Dudik
7 - Drew
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1 - Coach T
3 - Grayson
5 - Francis
6 - Dudik
7 - Drew
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August – October 2020

Over the next couple of months, several local stories were produced to highlight the impact of area 3D Coaches. As these stories circulated on social media, they began to attract the attention and interest of several community leaders.

These inspired leaders took the initiative to set up several vision-casting meetings so other leaders in the community could learn more about the 3D Institute. One of these meetings was with St. Joseph School District administrators and board members. Other meetings were with members of the St. Joseph business community, the city, and from our health care system.

“A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.”

— John Wooden 

July 2020

A devastating flood wreaked havoc on the Southside of St. Joseph, MO. In response, local baseball coach, Johnny Coy, organized a community-wide clean up effort to help those who were affected.

Local sports reporter Chris Roush interviewed Coach Coy about their effort to serve the flood victims. As he shared his story, Johnny referenced how the “3D training” made an impact on his coaching philosophy and inspired him to step up in this time of need. That brief mention of 3D intrigued Chris to ask more questions, and those questions then led to more local 3D stories.

February 2014

The 3D Institute was established in 2014 to come alongside sport administrators in a quest to help meet the growing professional development needs of the international coaching community. Since that time, 3DI has trained thousands of coaches in over 60 countries world-wide.

January 2011

Dr. Jeff Duke came to present a training on “3D Coaching” for the first time in northwest Missouri. Approximately 120 area coaches attended the Saturday morning workshop in downtown St. Joseph.

From there, St. Joseph resident Wes Simmons and Jeff became close friends and partners in purpose. This eventually led to the creation of the 3D Institute where Wes serves as President/CEO from St. Joseph.

Watch the video below to learn more about the 3D Coaching framework.