A Dream for Education

On 1/5/24, community leaders presented a Dream for Education in St. Joseph. To help navigate the presentation, feel free to use the video player’s bulleted-list icon to jump to a specific section.

Please pay special attention to the Community Challenge segment at the end of the presentation, and join us by filling out the form below.

Community Challenge

Our Challege to You

Some of these challenges apply to some of you. Some of them apply to all of you. Please accept at least one challenge, but you can check all that apply.

Be a Career Speaker for Students
Share your experience/wisdom with the next generation.

Reading Adventures with United Way
Invest in kids by reading to them and with them.

Serve as Internship/Apprenticeship site
Create opportunities for high school and/or college students

Become a Substitute Teacher
Be a part fo the solution to help meet the need for more subs.

Help RECRUIT Educators to St. Joseph
Personally recruit educators who love St. Joseph back home.

I’m ALL IN to do my part

Check all that apply:
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